Class Descriptions

Matwork PilatesIn this class you will complete exercises that focus on core strength, muscle control, flexibility and breathing promoting balanced body. This is a complete matwork based class.
Seniors Fitness / Seniors Fitness AdvancedFocusing on strength and balance these classes are designed to help regain and improve muscle mass, bone health, posture, balance and falls prevention improving overall physical health. Classes follow a simple format which involves aerobic style balance moves, specified balance exercises as well as exercises that implement the use of bands, weights and core strengthening.  The Seniors fitness class is a slower paced workout that only incorporates movements in standing and sitting. The Advanced class is designed to be a faster paced class involving floor exercises as well as standing and sitting exercises.

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Thomas Holt,
1-25 Acacia Road, Kirrawee


(02) 9525 3000


Posted on November

Active Age is for every age.

Active Age is excited to announce it’s new timetable will be commencing on 4 December 2017.

This timetable features a range of classes, and will incorporate Active Kids and Active Teens classes..

Posted on November

What is Functional Fitness?

What is Functional Fitness, and why is it important?

Posted on November

How to age actively as we get older

Being physically active is important for all ages, and that importance doesn’t diminish as we get older, but our activity levels tend to.

Posted on November

Encouraging Children to move more

Children who exercise are more likely to maintain an active lifestyle as an adult, but what children want to consciously ‘exercise’? It’s hard enough for